Free All-in-One Database Version Management Tool

The easiest way to get started with PostgreSQL, MySQL, Redis & more

Download for Mac

Requires macOS 10.11. Changelog.

Supports a whole set of relational databases

PostgreSQL MySQL Redis

The others are coming soon

Start your local database server in a finger snap

With a simple design, lightweight size, and multiple drivers support, it’s easier than ever to install and manage local database servers within a click.

No dependencies

Just one click to start the server from the app without any dependencies.

Multi versions & ports

Quickly setup and manage multiple database servers with multiple versions and ports.

It's 100% free

DBngin is 100% free with active development & support.

View your database with an intuitive native GUI

One click from the server control and your database is ready for designing, querying, browsing and modifying with a modern, native, and friendly GUI Client.

Download and start using DBngin for free

Modern, native, and friendly